Corporate Cutie

If you watch WAGS Atlanta, then you know all about my family businesses. I share a dance studio and talent agency with my mom and sister, but after watching last week's episode, and seeing my sister and mom reference me as not being around as much, I thought I would clear up why.

I actually have another job!

Yes, I have a corporate, everyday, 9-5, which makes balancing my dance studio and talent agency challenging at times. Most people assume I am in the beauty or fashion industry, but I actually chose something totally different. So, what is my profession, you ask?

Well, here it goes...

I work for a global insurance and investments company in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Specifically, I work within the aviation underwriting department which is rare because the Aviation Industry is a male-dominated industry. I've always been interested in Risk Management, so when this opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance, and I have enjoyed working here ever since.

My career keeps my interest because I have the opportunity to continuosly learn about the various types of aircraft, and their respective functions, as well as pilot/aircraft-combination analysis. I work with airlines, jets, aerospace products, agricultural applicator products, and general liability lines of business. I review and apply underwriting strategies and guidelines of the underwriter thought process to provide brokers, worldwide, with the best quotes possible. In addition, we generate, and thoroughly assess, the entirety of insured policies before issuance.  

Needless to say, I do quite a bit! Having two thriving businesses and a full-time career is definitely not easy in terms of balancing each equally. However, I am always up for the challenge and blessed to have a understanding, flexible workplace and two supportive business partners, my amazing mom and wonderful sister. 



Ariel Ashley

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