Selfless vs Selfish

As we entered into 2018 I vowed that this year would be a year of change. Like everyone else I came up with my new years resolution and included the usual get fit challenge and some business goals. But as I reflected on my year I realized what I was missing and desperately needed. I realized that there was a characteristic that I lacked. I needed ME TIME and I lacked the Selfishness to make it happen!

 I have always took pride in being an entrepreneur, a wife, and most recently a mom. Being able to juggle a million things all at once while trying to keep my sanity. As you can imagine it's not easy managing 3 businesses, a multi city household, and being a stay at home mom. But I've always managed to hold everything together, to make things work by any means necessary. Putting everyone and everything before I put myself. Never leaving myself time for me, being totally selfless. 

I was recently reminded of this as I was watching myself on an episode of WAGS Atlanta. I always cringe when I see myself on tv (I'm working on not being so hard on myself) but I literally gasped as I saw the camera zoom in on my raggedy broken nails. They were a hot mess!! I couldn't believe that they had shown such a monstrosity on national television lol but all I could do was laugh. Because I knew that this was REAL life. I had worked like a dog the days before so after getting a film call time late the night before I had had no time to make a mad rush to the nail salon. But this was the norm, rarely time to do anything for myself. I laughed it off because not having your nails done is small in the grand scheme of things, but this epic fail was just the eye opener I needed for the extra motivation. 

 I have and will always have some level of selflessness. Its just my nature to put others before I put myself, especially when it comes to family and business. But I'm learning to be Selfish with my time when it comes to doing things for myself and spending time with my family. It's easy especially as women to constantly do for others without doing for ourselves. It's like my momma always says though, you can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself. So this year I will be focusing on learning to balance being selfless and being selfish. Making time for fitness, beauty regimens (nails will be done lol), & girls time. But more importantly time to fuel my mind, body, and soul. 



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